Are you tired, sick of unreliable maids and servants who don’t turn up for work when you want them around the most? Fed up of thieving housemaids, lazy servants, and untrained maids? Try hiring housemaids from us and see the difference for yourself. First, you will get competitive quotes from housemaid agencies. This translates into huge cost savings for you. Next, housemaids are well-trained by these maid agencies and are experienced in all sorts of house work. A well-maintained building or premises gives the first impression to everyone. It should not be over looked. We offer year round maintenance services. This includes housekeeping service, façade cleaning, pantry service, horticulture service and miscellaneous services.

A personal cook is your answer to providing you with great tasting, healthful, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking. Offering the convenience of meal preparation in your home, we offer male/ female and couples.
We specialize in providing relief for kitchen staff positions. We recruit and assess employees on their level of skill, experience and attitude in order to provide clients with the best possible services. Our services include the following positions:

Home Cleaning -
We, Ram House Keeping are distinguished dealer, distributor and retailer of Housekeeping Materials and provide House Keeping Services and floor cleaning for Corporate Offices, Malls, Call Centers, Cinemas, Showrooms, Office Campuses, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complexes. Our company provides House Keeping Services training to our professionals and modern equipments to meet the growing demands of customers adhering to international quality standard.

Our intense housekeeping service training programs, superior on-site management, and the respect we show towards our customers and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the janitorial service needs and goals of our clients.
Ram House Keeping has wide range of glass cleaning systems and accessories. We clean all kind of glass perfectly and in well appropriate way to provide efficient service. As part of this the company offers glass cleaning in professional manner as we are highly reliable and provide efficient service.

With complete set of glass cleaning and professional approach cleaning of glass is made easy and convenient. The set includes glass washer for application of water or chemical solution.

Office Cleaning  -
We offer commercial and professional office cleaning service that will exceed your company’s expectations. With utilizing state of the art equipment and advanced cleaning products our highly trained professionals will turn your work environment into a sophisticated clean space. Special products for cleaning electronic devices reputed environmentally friendly chemicals and the latest machines are the hallmarks of a Ram House Keeping process system that provides you with cleaner and healthier office environments.

  Spring Cleaning Services
  Upholstery / chairs/ sofas/ panel cleaning
  Washroom hi-pressure jet cleaning (Power wash)
  Floor scrubbing, polishing services
  Tank Cleaning (hi-pressure and UV Disinfecting)
  Marble / granite / stone restorations.
  Carpet care services (injection extraction)
  Periodic Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning -
Ram House Keeping is a recognized service provider who offers services of the finest quality of Carpet Cleaning, Industrial Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Dust Cleaning. When once dust accumulates and if the carpet get wet the dust with water starts wearing out the carpet and hence reduces their life drastically, which is highly hazardous for carpet and it reduce the life of carpet. Usually, carpet is washed once in two or three months depend upon its usage to remove the dust and shampooing them restores them to their original colors. We have highly expert’s professionals who have mastery over the cleaning of carpet.

Carpet cleaning is an area, where Ram House Keeping professionals have expertise to offer unsurpassed quality of service to satisfy the customers. Our carpet cleaning expert’s first vacuum with Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, spotting is done manually and then shampooing is done with the help of Shampoo Machine and the carpet is let for 2-3 hrs for natural drying. Ram House Keeping service professionals follow specific, detailed service procedures that keep your carpet in optimum condition.

Services at Glance -
Complete Customer Support and Satisfaction.
We have a well trained and experienced workforce.
Professional Housekeeping Service.
Office Cleaning.
Furniture Cleaning.
Floor & Glass cleaning.
Chair & Sofa shampooing.
Carpet Shampooing.
Selling & Fitting Carpets.
Providing Housekeeping & Cleaning staff to offices.
Day to day office cleaning.
Use of latest machinery & equipments.
Use better & safe cleaning materials.
Periodical cleaning services.
Lamination of any kind of flooring.

We are here to serve you. In case you need our services, we are just a Tinkle away ROUND THE CLOCK at the under-mentioned TELEPHONES NUMBERS.